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Short sale processing and document fulfillment!

National Closing Center offers short sale processing services nationwide.

NCC has brought together seasoned attorneys, industry's best short sale processors and the most experienced real estate agents into one powerful network of tough short sale experts. Register and get started in minutes!

short sale processing company

Highest standards and newest technology

  • Processing and document collection from initiation to closing.
  • Established relations with many of respected lenders.
  • The most advanced technology to track and report on every case.
  • Team members held to highest ethical standards.
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short sale processingThere are millions of homeowners just like you. However, the fact that you are browsing this website sets YOU apart. It means you are serious about changing your current situation and moving on, no matter what your predicament is.

  • Has your income unexpectedly decreased?
  • Did you lose your job?
  • Did you or your immediate family member have significant health problems resulting in high medical bills?
  • Are you overwhelmed with debt?
Simply put, situations might be different, but the bottom line is the same: you no longer can afford your home.

If any of this sounds familiar, National Closing Center (NCC) can help you by selling your house as a short sale.

All our services are completely free for you.

Call (630) 915-6427 or fill in the form on the righ-hand side of this page and we'll contact you TODAY!


National Closing Center (NCC) is a nationwide network of certified real estate professionals, attorneys, credit restoration companies and technology leaders. We have helped thousands of homeowners to stop foreclosure and take advantage of government and lender-administered programs. As a result, many of our clients have received checks for up to $38,000 lender incentive payment as reward for their co-operation.


  • Single real estate office looking to score some easy sales.
  • Law firm too busy to provide personal service you deserve.

These are our top priorities when working with homeowners like you.

  • Qualify you for up to $38,000 lender CASH incentive.
  • Qualify you for investor ‘lease purchase’ program after 6 months of on-time
  • payments.
  • Connect you with local buyers. Currently we have 147 buyers in your area
  • looking to purchase IMMEDIATELY!
  • Fight for COMPLETE FORGIVENES of your mortgage and tax liabilities
  • Ensure full credit restoration—get ready to purchase your new home in just 2 years!

What steps should I take? What can I expect?

Discuss your situation with one of our Foreclosure Alternatives Specialists. He or she will take your contact information, assess your situation and offer personalized solutions.

Our team will prepare a BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion), so you know how much your property is worth in the current market.

Your Foreclosure Prevention Specialist will introduce you to a certified Real Estate Agent in your area. The agent will meet with you, discuss each step of the process and will offer to sign a Listing Agreement. NCC will connect your Agent with buyers and investors looking to purchase properties in your area.

Step four: SALE
Short Sale Processor and Attorney will work with your lender(s) to receive a short sale approval.
At the same time, our team will make sure you are taking advantage of all government and lender-sponsored programs. Usually, it means cash incentives (up to $38,000). Your lender may also agree to waive your deficiency.

What are the benefits of a short sale?

There is lots of confusing information on the internet on cons and pros of a short sale. It's important to understand that a short sale is not a commodity that one purchases in order to make their life more luxurious. It's a necessary evil.

However, in every case that we've ever handled, a short sale was a hands-down better option than foreclosure.

These are the benefits of a short sale, to name just a few:

  • Avoid "foreclosure" on credit reports, which generally remains for 7 to 10 years.
  • Avoid potential bankruptcy, which lasts 7 to 10 years on your credit.
  • Re-qualify for future homeownership and other credit privileges.
  • Avoid the embarrassment of eviction by the foreclosing bank.
  • Have your tax liabilities forgiven. Don’t believe us? Check out this link to the IRS website.

Why NCC is qualified to help?

Foreclosure filesAs opposed to working with one real estate agent who may or may not be trained to handle short sales, you will be working with a team of real estate and legal professionals. NCC is a nationwide network of real estate agents, attorneys and short sale processors. All of them posses proper training, experience and passion to help homeowners to prepare and execute the best short sale strategy.

Once again, thank you for checking us out and we look forward to helping you move on!


Lina Conner, USA Realty Group

Our company specializes in short sales, so I was a bit skeptical at the beginning. We thought we were handling short sales just fine. Wrong! Only after outsourcing short sale processing to NCC we were able to double our closing ratio and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. I love using their software that requires no installation and allows you to see every step of the process.

Gint Kazla,

Before we started using NCC, short sales were the least desirable transactions in our brokerage. Now every agent cannot get enough of them. NCC has a top-notch negotiations team and powerful yet easy to use web application that keeps you involved, but not burdened. Short sale streamlining at its best! Highly recommended!

Michelle Hudspeth, Heritage Title CO

As a title company, dealing with negotiators can be a daunting task. Estera and Florina responded daily, always in quick fashion; and they both were eager to help, no matter how many times we talked or had to change things. I would certainly recommend anyone who needs a negotiator to use NCC to accomplish the strenuous task of short sale resolution.

short sale leads